Premium, comprehensive insurance cover for your precious jewellery


Jeff Einstein Jewellery is proud to be a member of Australia’s foremost jewellery industry association, Diamond Guild Australia, and offer our customers the most innovative jewellery insurance product through Quattro Risk. This insurance is specifically designed to serve the needs of discerning jewellery owners.

Diamond Guild Australia Mastercare Valuable Articles Insurance (Mastercare Insurance) is in partnership with Quattro Risk Services Pty Ltd and underwritten at Lloyd’s London, offers a comprehensive, global, standalone jewellery insurance policy, only available through Diamond Guild Australia member jewellers.

Mastercare Insurance offers a bespoke level of cover including for a Total Loss, you can receive up to 125% of the sum insured1; and have your piece recreated by Jeff Einstein Jewellery (or the jeweller that supplied them). You can feel confident and secure knowing that you can return to your jeweller of choice to replace your previous jewellery, rather than a panel jeweller typically nominated by the insurance assessor.

With Mastercare Insurance, jewellery can be instantly and comprehensively insured from the moment you purchase your Jeff Einstein Jewellery with a standalone policy that offers worldwide, all risk cover, without the need for home and contents insurance.

This makes Mastercare Insurance by Diamond Guild Australia the perfect choice for purchases such as engagement and wedding rings, in fact any valuable jewellery piece.


Features of Mastercare Insurance Cover


  • Underwritten at Lloyds, London
  • All risk, comprehensive, worldwide global cover.4
  • Immediate cover effective from time of purchase
  • Prompt resolution of claims


  • Low policy premiums reflect the quality of Diamond Guild Australia member jewellers’ clientele
  • Up to 125% replacement value on items of appreciable value such as pink diamonds1
  • No excess payable on claims


  • Developed by Australia’s leading jewellers specifically for jewellery and precious items.
  • Offers bespoke cover and personal, locally based service
  • Comprehensive cover for a single item or multiple pieces that can be added to over the life of the policy
  • Endorsed by Diamond Guild Australia - Australia’s foremost Jewellery industry association


  • Choose Diamond Guild Australia Mastercare Insurance to ensure that you have the option for your precious items to be replaced by the jeweller that supplied them.
  • Have confidence in an insurance product that is Australian owned and administered locally by Quattro Risk Services (formally Finn Foster APB)
  • Enjoy the convenience of immediate cover from the moment of purchase before even leaving Jeff Einstein Jewellery.
  • An easy policy establishment and renewal process that can be completed in-store or over the phone.
  • Access to a standalone jewellery policy without the requirement for existing insurance cover
  • The ability to cover a single piece of jewellery such as an engagement ring, or multiple pieces as required.
  • Have the flexibility of being able to add more items to an existing policy (subject to valuation) such as wedding rings and other jewellery.
  • Exclusive high quality jewellery cover offered only via Diamond Guild Australia member jewellers to their clientele.
  • Worldwide cover.

The cost of Diamond Guild Australia Mastercare Insurance Cover

As Mastercare insurance is offered exclusively through Diamond Guild Australia member jewellers such as Jeff Einstein Jewellery, our premiums and terms are market leading and competitive offering bespoke cover at the best price.

As your Jeff Einstein Jewellery is as unique as you are, a tailored premium calculation can be obtained to suit your specific needs. To obtain a quotation please speak to our consultant at Jeff Einstein Jewellery or contact us via our website

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available via the Mastercare Insurance website for further information or contact their team directly on


Please note that Mastercare Insurance cover by Diamond Guild Australia is exclusively available through a participating Diamond Guild Australia member jeweller. At this time, cover can be extended to pieces purchased from our members and to existing pieces owned by the clients of our members that are submitted for revaluation and at the discretion of the member jeweller. New items purchased from a non-Diamond Guild Australia jeweller are not eligible for cover under the Mastercare Insurance programme and we would recommend contacting your general insurer to arrange cover.
  1. If the cost to replace Your Valuable Article exceeds the Sum Insured, We will pay up to 125% of the Sum Insured or an additional $50,000, whichever the less, provided Your Valuable Article was purchased from Your Diamond Guild Australia Jeweller within the last 12 months or a Replacement Cost Valuation was issued within the last 12 months and the Vaulable Article was insured for this amount.
  2. In the Initial Policy Period the Sum Insured for Your Valuable Article is the purchase price that You paid, or the Replacement Cost valuation given by Your Diamond Guild Australia Jeweller. In Subsequent Policy Period(s), it is Your responsibility to ensure that that Sum Insured is adequate to cover the Replacement Cost. We recommend that You return to Your Diamond Guild Australia Jeweller each year to have the Valuable Article revalued for insurance purposes.
  3. When calculating Your premium, a range of rating factors are taken into account. These factors and the degree to which they affect Your premium will depend on the information You provide to Us. Some factors that impact the calculation of Your premium include:
    Where You live and where Your Valuable Article is kept
    The security at Your home
    The Sum Insured
    Your previous insurance and claims history.
  4. The Valuable Article described in Your Schedule is insured against physical loss or physical damage occurring anywhere in the world during the Policy Period subject to the Sum Insured, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as stated in this Policy. There will be no cover after the Initial Policy Period unless We agree to renew this Policy at Your request.