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  • You can have confidence and peace of mind knowing your jewellery does not leave our premises. Your precious pieces are cared for, cleaned and repaired on-site in our high-end workshop by our master craftsmen of unparalleled experience and expertise. They leverage a range of craftsmanship and skill from ancient techniques through to modern technology. Every piece is overseen by Jeff as he brings decades of experience as a goldsmith and jeweller with exceptional manufacturing knowledge.Consider a meticulous clean and polish or creative re-modelling to transform your jewellery. Bring your jewellery in for a free consultation and discover the potential within.



At Jeff Einstein Jewellery we invite you to share the design experience as we work closely with you to create your vision. The design process is about relationships and is highly consultative. We need to determine are we remodelling an existing piece or pieces of jewellery and working with your own precious stones. Are we designing something innovative and new, or refreshing an existing design style?

We like to understand who you are, what is the occasion or inspiration, what jewellery you already have, where will you wear it, your preference for rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet, cufflinks…

An important part of the design briefing is understanding what will best suit you, your personality, your style and your lifestyle. The same process applies if the piece is for you or a loved one.

Your story combined with inspiration from art, travel, architecture and cultures from around the world, one of our talented designers will bring your piece to life through a detailed hand-drawn sketch. You will know exactly what your special jewellery piece will look like from our detailed drawing, wax model, showroom examples and sharing the design journey with us.

Following approval of the design we then begin to hand make your unique piece of jewellery.


Once the design is agreed upon we begin to create your unique piece, on site, with one of our mastercraftsmen. All our jewellers have served apprenticeships plus decades of experience to ensure the utmost technical know how and quality.

Each piece of bespoke jewellery is custom made factoring in the width, height, thickness, stones, type of metal, techniques and your chosen style of setting.

Once the piece is complete your invited to view the pieces before the stones are set in place. You can see it, feel it, try it on. We can test the balance, alignment, fit and your satisfaction. This important step gives you and your jeweller the comfort and confidence in the process and the jewellery piece. It is all an adventure and you’re part of the magic.

Diamond Selection

Diamond selection is a critical phase of the design process and requires expertise and experience, as recognised with Jeff Einstein and his Diamond Guild Australia Membership. We work with our clients budget and believe it all starts with the Carat of the diamond – the size and shape. From this decision we can then explore the whole spectrum of diamond Colours.

With Carat and Colour determined we then explore Clarity and Cut. You will know “the four C’s” in diamond selection however it is a fine art and balance as we study the proportions and natural inclusions at 10x magnification. At Jeff Einstein Jewellery we buy diamonds with certifications from accredited laboratories such as the Geological Institute of America (GIA). The diamond selection phase is exciting, takes experience and we’re proud to guide our clients with our decades of experience, knowledge and eye for design detail.

Stone Setting

With the design and diamond selection decided we then embark on the meticulous process of the stone setting. Sometimes working with hundreds of diamonds, sometimes with one magnificent precious stone, stone setting is done on site at Jeff Einstein Jewellery to ensure security and give you piece of mind. Our mastercraftsmen utilise their decades of experience of working with all metals and stones to securely set your stone in your bespoke piece. We now have one final process to complete and finesse your beautiful bespoke jewellery piece.


Throughout the creating and setting processes our jewellers use ‘semi polishing’ to look at the piece and ensure the inside and outside are immaculate, ready for your precious stones. But there is always the final polishing process when the piece literally comes to life. Using a polishing wheel with different polishing compounds, brushes and tools, our mastercraftsmen meticulously finish your piece with the same care and expertise they have applied since the design phase.

Ongoing Care

Over time and with continued wearing, diamonds and jewellery can start to lose their lustre. Our daily lifestyles make our jewellery vulnerable to becoming scratched, dirty and dull, with claws wearing down. The best way to take care of your precious diamonds and jewellery is to bring them into Jeff Einstein Jewellery every six to twelve months for a check, polish and rhodium plating as required. This systematic review and maintenance is important to ensure your diamonds are secure and your jewellery is showing its absolute beauty and magnificence.

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