• Affordable, playful, something for everyone

    Make your significant events or major milestones something to remember with our beautiful and creative collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants unique to Jeff Einstein Jewellery. Recognise the ongoing achievements of life by adding to your collection with Collectables by Jeff Einstein.

  • Designed and meticulously crafted for you and only you

    Jeff Einstein Jewellery is renowned for our ability to hear your story and transform your dreams into a unique, distinctive and magnificent signature piece of jewellery. As a bride or groom you want your rings to be as unique as your love story. Anniversaries and in-memorium are heart felt events where your relationships can be celebrated and honoured. Let Jeff Einstein create and craft a bespoke design of impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

  • Jewellery from around the world - sourced and selected to meet Jeff’s unparalleled criteria

    With his unique eye for distinctive design and trends, Curated by Jeff Einstein brings beautiful pieces from around the world to Double Bay, Sydney. The sensory range is personally selected by Jeff with every piece meeting his stringent criteria of exceptional quality, design excellence, distinction, creativity and beauty.

    Some of the global designers and brands that Jeff Einstein Jewellery is proud to showcase and represent include:

    • Jörg Heinz, Germany
    • Frank Trautz, Germany
    • Alor, USA
    • Roberto Demeglio, Italy
    • Peter W Beck, Australia
  • Be confident and feel secure in your diamond selection

    Diamond selection is an artform of its own requiring finesse and years of experience. At Jeff Einstein Jewellery you can be confident and feel secure in the knowledge our diamonds are all selected and responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers, coupled with Jeff’s Diamond Guild Australia Membership and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certification.

    At Jeff Einstein Jewellery we are passionate about retaining the romance of diamonds and preserving the sentimental value of these magnificent precious stones as we carefully select the right stone for the right setting and story.

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